FM Opportunity

Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Step 1: Find your Sponsor


Each partner should have a Sponsor - the person who will be his/her mentor and partner in operating their FM WORLD business. You need to choose your sponsor at the initial stage of signing a Partnership Agreement with FM. If you do not know any FM WORLD Business Partners or Distributors, you can contact the office and you will be assisted in finding a suitable Sponsor. Before choosing the Sponsor, you should carefully consider your decision, because you cannot change your Sponsor. For online registrations, if you do not fill in the data fields of the Sponsor, a Sponsor you will be assigned automatically.



Step 2: Register


You can register in 2 simple ways:



If you know a FM WORLD Business Partner (Distributor) the most convenient way to register is to ask him/her to provide you with the Partnership Agreement form. The same Business Partner can be your sponsor or the Referring sponsor (if your structure is directly under another Business Partner).

When you receive a Partnership Agreement, please complete all the data, attach the copy of Your ID card and sign it (You and your sponsor). You shall than send the signed Agreement (white paper, keep the yellow part) to our office in Jakarta.  

To speed up the registration process, you can send a scanned Partnership Agreement form to the FM WORLD office via electronic mail to the following address


You can also quickly and easily register online on our website by following this Online Registration Link 

Please fill carefully online registration form, select the desired starter kit for your need, attach all the required documents and choose a collection/payment method. You instantly become a full-fledged FM WORLD Business Partner.

When you sign up as a new Business Partner you will receive a temporary password and login via SMS or email. When you log in for the first time you will need to change your temporary password to one of your choice to access the Partner’s (Distributor’s) Zone.


Step 3: Buy a Starter Kit


Only with Rp 80.000 you will be registered as our new member. You will receive marketing materials (catalogues, marketing plan, documents and forms) and perfume samples, for free. We call this package as Tester kit.

Tester kit is a basic tool for any Business Partner, which consists of perfume samples - 5, 20, 30 or 100. You can check the prices here.

You can also purchase one of the available Joining Package which combine Tester kit (5, 30 or 100) and some options of perfume collections. By purchase any Joining Package, you spend less. Choose your Tester kit or Joining Package according to your needs, and you are ready to start your own business. Happy Joining!


Step 4: Deliver the Business Partnership Agreement to FM WORLD

Please note that in order to be registered in the system, we need to receive your signed Parnership Agreement. If you send it by courier, please don't forget to attach the copy of your Identity card and actual contact details. Our staff will verify your application and if all the data is correct, you will be registered in our MLM system. If is not correct, we will contact you to clarify. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation by Email or SMS, as well as your Member ID & password.

When you register online, you should also provide us a scan of your Identity card. You can send it to 

Your registration will be confirmed by email.  


The Business Partnership Agreement should be completed legibly so that the new Partner’s data can be correctly entered into the system.  


When signing in as a Member of FM WORLD, you will have an option to purchase a Starter Kit or one of our Joining Packages which comprise of Starters and fragrances. 

When buying a Joining Package you immediately make points and have a chance to earn commission. In addition, you save money as you pay less for Starters.